bay walk Puerto Princesa Ctiy Cathedral Church ( CT-01 )

Located along Rizal Avenue in Baranggay Liwanag is one of the popular tourist destinations in the City of Puerto Princesa.

This blue-colored Immaculate Conception Cathedral Church is a historical landmark which was built as a small church during the spanish colonization of the Philippines. It was reconstructed into a Cathedral in the year 1961 .

bay walk Puerto Princesa Ctiy Plaza Cuartel  ( CT-01 )

Behind the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral is this restored ruin of an old WWII garrison.

In the early months of the Pacific War (1941-1945), thousands of Allied military personnel from the United States, Great Britain and the Netherlands  became prisoners of the Japanese. In 1942,  346 American prisoners were shipped here to build an airfield for their captors .

walk Puerto Princesa Ctiy Puerto Princesa City Baywalk   ( CT-01 )

A few blocks away from the Cathedral Church is the Puerto Princesa City famous Baywalk. Locals and tourists like to go here to unwind down from the day.a lot of stores open on night time to serve grilled seafood and other local dainties. biking is also verry popular here.
However, the most popular here is to chill and sitt down on the bay wall arm in arm with your partner.

bay walk Puerto Princesa Ctiy Bakers Hill ( CT-01 )

Bakers Hill was first a smallfine bakery which produced delicious tasty baked goods. The founder and father Bakers Hill is the Australian Karl Müller bakery. His passion and biggest hobby was plants. So the small but beautiful park was created. Later came even Walt Disney added sculptures so that even the little ones can enjoy the day

bay walk Puerto Princesa Ctiy Binuatan Creations ( CT-01 )

Traditional weaving,

thread the waft and push the pedals and you will feel how hard it is to weave the basic material for table runner or hadbags . The spun materials are  out of fiber from local grass or cashew tree bark.

After you try out weaving and operating the loom, we will go further out to Binuatan Creation’s souvenir shop to see what products they made of the materials.

bay walk Puerto Princesa Ctiy Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center
( CT-01 )

See Palawans sweet and saltwater Crocodiles. Enjoy the walk through the animal zoo.

further sights;
  • Iwahig Penal Farm
  • Mitra′s Ranch
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Running tour to the New City Hall
  • Sports complex
  • City Coliseum
  • "Tiangge-Tiangge"


  • VAN transfer
  • Entrance fees
  • Licensed tour guide
  • Travel insurance
description mbd price
visit the Cathedral, Plaza Cuartel and have a rest on bay walk 0
600.00 PHP
mbd = required minimum booking days


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